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Going by the global trends, collaboration as an industry is the middle of a tectonic shift. The traditional PC-centric computer stack is exploding into a multitude of devices, operating systems and architectures. At Discoverytel Ghana, we are keen on this and that’s why we have compiled solutions that will enable you achieve your desired goals through collaboration.

We offer collaborations services such as:

  • Co-location
  • Video conferencing
  • VOIP
  • MPLS

Discoverytel Ghana Video Conferencing using Polycom HDX Series

  • Improved productivity and comprehension via the transmission of crystal clear sounds and highly detailed images.
  • High resolution life-like and natural motion improves meeting effectiveness.
  • Maximize your investment by extending your audience with both two-way and one- to- many video communications.
  • Enable new remote video applications.
  • See the slightest change in body language.
  • Make confident, educated, informed decisions in real time.

Advantage of Video Conferencing

  • Allows you to increase your productivity with shorter, more effective meetings.
  • Enables you to build stronger team and partner relationships.
  • Helps you achieve a fast ROI and help in controlling costs.
  • We find solutions for the way you work in your industry.
  • See the slightest change in body language.
  • Allows you to enjoy flexibility, choice and investment protection.

What is VOIP

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

By using a routing device and integrate it with your current phone system / PABX and allowing you to make calls as you do today. All international calls you make are recorded automatically and routed through our network to the final destination.

The routing box will route each call based on the best cost quality solution for that destination. We don’t make any changes to your PABX because our solution sits after the network and is independent of the PABX.