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Data Services

Collocation Services

With the high cost of office space, intermittent power and security concerns; we seek to give you peace of mind through our Collocation Services. Discoverytel Ghana Collocation Services allows multiple clients to host servers and equipment at our state-of-the art Cloud based Data Center. Our facilities for co-location/tele-housing for our customers to deploy their infrastructure because we believe that guaranteed internet reliability, in conjunction with the fastest delivery time possible, is achieved by garnering the backbone of a technical infrastructure that only exists in a co-location facility.For a company to benefit from DiscoveryTel co-location facility’s resources, they can deploy their server(s) and other network equipment at our state-of-the-art co-location facilities to host their own internet websites and other telecommunication services, such as VOIP, streaming internet radio, IPTV, etc.

Available Collocation Options

  • Shared Cabinet Hosting – here you can take a 1U, 2U, 4U or 6U space within our 42U cabinets.
  • Full Cabinet Hosting – a dedicated full cabinet measuring 42U With the Discoverytel Ghana Collocation Services, you can CONNECT, ACCESS and MANAGE your server through a SECURE public IP address.

Data Backup Service

Discoverytel Ghana’s Data Backup Service, is a uniquely convenient component of IT. The service allows you to securely backup your data to a secure location on Discoverytel Ghana’s network, through your personal and secure local backup link. All your key corporate data can be backed up in an offsite location automatically, giving you peace of mind in case of disaster or data loss at your site.


We use EVault InfoStage software which has encryption features. Your data is encrypted for security reasons and you keep the passwords to decode the data in case you need to restore it. We insist that you keep the password well because it is very essential when accessing the restored data.

Our encryption security is in three levels i.e. at source, on transit and at storage. This confirms total security of your data at any point.


Our system generates reports to show if the back-up was successful or not. This report log is sent weekly to the customer for authentication and to assist them identify and rectify issues that may affect efficient data storage and restore. During system configuration, you can also activate email alerts that are send to our engineer and the client to alert them in case the back-up failed. Our engineers will the work with the client’s technical team in and diagnosing and resolving the problem.

Test Restores

In a bid to test the resiliency of our systems, we schedule test restores quarterly for every client. However, we can do the test at any other time at customers request either for the full back-up or certain files/folders.

Tests are always done at the client’s site. This is because the client has to put a password for decryption. This will also ensure no one else can access your data.

Service Features

Initial Installation

  • Configure user saving patterns so that documents are saved on the correct directories on the server.
  • Install client software on the server.
  • Take a copy of all server data to be backed up onto a snap drive and install data at Discoverytel Ghana date centre.
  • Perform backup, monitor and test.

Monthly Ongoing Activities

  • Daily secure backup of data to a remote location.
  • Monitor the backup daily.
  • Provide client with report on monthly basis if required.
  • Test restore on a half yearly basis.
  • We will restore accidentally deleted files from back up on ad hoc basis if required.

Solution Benefits

  • One-stop solution to all your IT service needs.
  • Secure backup of data to a remote location.
  • Automatic-no manual intervention necessary.
  • Daily checks-the backups happen on a daily basis without fail.
  • Any failures in backup are automatically detected.
  • Guaranteed restore time in the event of loss of data on premises