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Fiber Network

Built in 1999, DiscoveryTel metropolitan fibre optic network is second to none. With over 99% of the network being built using redundant rings, our clients never experience downtimes due to a single fibre cut. We have built over 170 kilometersof fibre Nationwide to cater for our clients.

The DTG metropolitan fibre network offers enormous and reliable coverage in Ghana.

8 reasons why our Fibre Network is much better

Ring Redundancy

Should there be a fibre cut on our network, your data traffic is redirected to the alternative route around the ring in less than 50 milliseconds ensuring your connection is never down.

Power Backup

We have power backup at every POP, fibre connected building and base station ensuring at least 20 hours of uptime should the main power sources fail. We include other power backup options such as generators in main locations.


In 2010, the DiscoveryTel Metro Fibre Network recorded an uptime of 99.93% for the whole year, statistics that place the network on a par with the very best networks globally.

Service Prioritization

Using our Carrier Ethernet Technology, we are able to prioritize different types of traffic across your network, both nationally and internationally, to ensure that your critical applications get priority access to your bandwidth at all times. If your critical application is voice or your ERP, we can prioritize that traffic over your links to ensure that these services are not affected at times where you have high traffic leaving or coming into your network.

Cost Effective

By running a Next Generation IP Based Network for our fibre, we are able to provide lower cost of entry to our clients in terms of Capex Investment. Due to us running an IP fibre network, the same technology that runs the Internet, we are able to also lower the long term costs of running the network which translates into lower costs of ownership to our clients.

Unrivalled Infrastructure

We have significant experience operating networks since 2003. We have also invested in our civil works to ensure that our physical infrastructure of laying our fibre in the ground is based on best practices globally. This includes digging fibre as deep as possible for protection, using high quality cables, couplings and pipes and ensuring that all infrastructures under the ground is as protected as possible. Our systems and processes for ensuring our fibre network remain up and running at all times as well as our speed of resolution for fibre breakdowns are unrivalled in Ghana.

State of the Art Network Management

We operate different Network Management Systems (NMS) to oversee our network which are combined to give an overall picture of the health of the whole network. By owning and having the ability to view all infrastructures together gives us the big picture at all times and also allows us to identify issues faster and therefore deliver better uptime and SLAs to our clients. Our mean time to repair is the shortest in the Kenyan market.

Value Added Services

The technology used to build our fibre network, Carrier Ethernet, enables us to offer a wide variety of Value Added Services, allowing you to optimize your network structure and create a more efficient work place. In addition, many other Value Added Services can comfortably run on the network and with the ability to prioritize traffic, we can ensure that your critical applications will work at all times and won’t be affected by other uses of your bandwidth. We also run two wireless networks. To provide further redundancy on the last mile to our clients