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IT Solutions


Discoverytel Ghana is uniquely placed as an Internet operator and IT service provider to be able to provide both connectivity services as well as IT solutions to clients. Since 1999, we have been able to offer customers a fully bundled solution that provides both core connectivity as well as IT infrastructure management to clients.
With over 20 technical people in our organization with skills ranging from Cisco, Microsoft, Linux, IBM, Oracle, NetApp and many more, we will have the skillset required to help you solve your issues.

As a client of Discoverytel Ghana you also have a partner to assist you in providing strategic direction and in determining the best use of technology as your company grows and as your requirements change.

Discoverytel Ghana offers a range of solutions to our clients who can pick and choose from the following services:

Offsite Data Backup

One of our most popular solutions, we ensure that your PCs back up transparently to the server which in turn backs up daily to our offsite redundant storage facility for maximum security and automatic peace of mind. We monitor that your backups take place daily. We do not use old tape technology.

High Availability (HA)

Keep your business-critical information systems continuously available and protected. Our solution captures changes to data, applications and critical system objects in real time and replicates them to alternate (backup) servers. More importantly, it enables controlled, non-intrusive and fast failover to meet any contingency. It is scalable, application independent, and ready for virtualized and clustered environments.

Managed E-mail

E-mail has now become business critical for most companies. We will install or upgrade your email (either Daemon, Exchange, Zimbra or other Linux based) and manage and support your email system for you to ensure maximum uptime and efficiency.

On-Site Support

Our On-Site Support solution provides clients with a full time or part time engineer on premise, supported by a technical team back at our office to give further assistance on higher level issues if required.

Remote Support

We can connect to any PC or server around the world within a few seconds. We can remote control your PC as if we were sitting right in front of it. Using an Enterprise class and Security secured solution, we can remotely solve PC and server issues that need quick resolution without needing travel time to your site. Our solution rides on our own network and is secured by strong connection encryption and access control that needs your approval to establish.

Desktop & Server Preventive Maintenance

Maintenance Support solutions complement your day to day support from your own IT resource. On the PC front, they include PC usability checks and installation of a standard desktop suite, on-going hardware, operating system and desktop software support together with quarterly maintenance and a quarterly report. With respect to your servers, our solutions include an initial server usability check and ensuring that the latest operating system and service packs are updated, together with on-going hardware and operating system support together with quarterly maintenance and a quarterly report. Advanced Server Support includes effectively complete management of your servers.

Virtual Private Network Management


Do you need to securely and easily share information between offices?

Businesses can share information between multiple sites, creating a 'virtual LAN' by employing multiple VPN connections.


A VPN connection provides a secure connection between your offices, encrypting data passing over the internet while making the remote location appear to be directly located to the local network.

The 'head office' will, in most situations, need to be able to handle more traffic than the other sites. Usually the remote offices will be connecting to it and each accessing the main systems and applications which are running from there.

More and more companies require secure access to their data and applications from remote sites – either home or remote office locations, or from laptops while on the move. We can provide you with hardware and software solutions and full management of your Virtual Private Network.

Our IP Trunking service allows you to integrate your voice and data networks into one, helping to prepare your business for the future. Other benefits of IP Trunking include:

  • Providing secure, high-quality VPN communications throughout your organization
  • Eliminating the need to install costly T1s, PSTN gateways, PRI cards at every business location.
  • Being the ideal 'platform' for future Unified Communication (UC) deployments.
  • Your business should benefit from significant cost savings.


We can offer you some or all of the level of security normally enjoyed by only the largest of corporations. This includes a fully managed firewall, content filtering and automatically updating Anti-virus for desktops and servers. We can also provide a service where our support team check virus alerts to ensure your machines and network are clean from attack.