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National Network

As Ghana leading Corporate Internet and IT Solutions Provider, our ability and commitment to constantly provide unswerving services rooted on exceptional customer service has propelled us to a market leading position. That's why, as the preferred national IT partner, we have put in extra effort to firm our footprint across the country.

Why use DiscoveryTel Nationwide Network?

  • DiscoveryTel Nationwide Network was started in 2003 and has stood the test of time.
  • Significant investment has been made to ensure the network is fully monitored and is regularly maintained to ensure any issues that may arise are dealt with before they create an issue for our clients
  • The network is built to deliver primarily data services as data is our core business while other services such as voice can be carried, our primary focus is on data delivery and our technologies deployed are designed and built to deliver data as a first priority.
  • Our national network offer MPLS services to more discerning clients who required advanced network services.
  • Our nationwide network can also offer layer 2 and layer 3 WAN connections.

WiMAX Network Infrastructure

In 1999 DiscoveryTel embarked on delivering one of the pledges to launch a residential broadband business. After 2 years of research, the company chose WiMAX as the right solution for delivering the home broadband service and after testing various vendors, the company chose as a preferred partner. With many base stations strategically deployed to reach the target residential areas, DTG built a WiMAX network since 1999. Today the network has over 18 WiMAX Base Stations. WiMAX was chosen as the solution of choice because of its ability to penetrate through the trees but also because it is able to deliver quality of service to each client to ensure that a customer can receive a guaranteed amount of bandwidth from DTG.

With thousands of customers using this network, the WiMAX network also delivers an unbeatable SLA to our customers. Some corporate customers also use this network for their connectivity and as it is fully integrated into the company's other infrastructure networks, the DTG cloud offers seamless service to customers with multiple locations using different technologies.