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Advanced Network Solutions



Discoverytel Ghana is able to offer market leading solutions for larger enterprise customers who need tailor-made solutions to meet our customers’ specific requirements. With national coverage across Ghana and our own network to most major towns in Ghana, we are able to deliver the most appropriate and reliable solution at the right price.

We can provide you with the following solutions

  • Point to Point connectivity between sites.
  • Layer 3 VPN connectivity between sites.
  • Layer 2 VPN connectivity between sites.
  • Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) Services (International & National).
  • IPL Services (International Private Lines).

What would I need a WAN solution for?

A WAN solution will allow you to securely connect your offices to exchange the following information:

  • Voice (VOIP) services integrating remote PBXs together.
  • Video Conferencing services
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) connectivity for centralization of finance, procurement, client facing departments, payroll etc.
  • Shared Internet Gateway for efficient bandwidth use
  • Shared email and other collaboration services e.g. intranet and document management.
  • Remote printing for remote locations e.g. manufacturing sites
  • Remote CCTV and monitoring
  • Factory Automation Systems including remote management of plants or production lines
  • Centralized security through a single entry point to your whole network for added security
  • Secure WAN Disaster Recovery solutions
  • Single network exit point to connect to a third party Offsite Backup Site for ease of management

What are the benefits of using Discoverytel Ghana for these services?


Connecting multiple sites together on a wide area network (WAN) is now a fundamental requirement for many businesses. As the reliance on IT grows, the quality of the WAN infrastructure is crucial in supporting effective and productive working between employees, customers and suppliers.

Your business is growing and you may have outgrown your current network capabilities and its capacity to allow you to operate efficiently.

You may have an expensive legacy network or feel you are not getting value for money.

Your operational business model may require you to build a new type of network.

Whatever your reason for looking into Managed Wide Area Networks, DiscoveryTel can provide you with a solution to meet your requirements. We understand that all businesses are different, operate differently, and have different requirements. This is why DiscoveryTel will allocate a lead consultant to you who will manage the concept, engineer the design, and project manage your solution from start to implementation and ensure you get exactly what you expect and when you expect it. Our lead consultants will then handle your account and be an important point of contact thereafter.

With the most redundant fiber network in Ghana and full integration into our two wireless networks, Discoverytel Ghana can offer you both traditional connectivity solutions and top of the range Layer 2 WAN Solutions.

MPLS Solutions

Our national network is MPLS enabled allowing us to deliver MPLS services to you. In conjunction with global partners, we can provide MPLS from Ghana to your destination anywhere around the earth.