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Point of Presence

DiscoveryTelPoint of Presence (POP) is located in a data centre of one of the world's largest Internet Carriers (Tier 1) also known as a carrier of carriers in North America. This in effect makes DiscoveryTela Tier 2 provider with superior reach to the Internet backbone and thereby inevitably significantly improving service to its clients.

The Infrastructure installed allows DiscoveryTel to provide specialized services to its clients such as IPLs (International Private Line) and MPLS VPN (Multi-Protocol Label Switching Virtual Private Network). This allows companies to extend the reach of their networks beyond their headquarters while maintaining end to end quality of service. DiscoveryTel POP has enabled a multibillion - dollar IT company to considerably improve its services to Ghana.

Customers can receive this service by

  • Connecting to DiscoveryTel
  • Purchasing capacity from the Pop directly in cases where customers have specific requirements that match the need to connect to the PoP.