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Wireless Network

The WiMAX network is supported by fibre and wireless backhauls depending on the location of the base station. All backhauls on the fibre network are fully redundant ensuring excellent uptime delivery to the customer. With a Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of many years on the WiMAX equipment and with low latencies on the network as well as excellent non line of site capabilities to reach hidden sites, the WiMAX network offers an excellent solution for home clients in residential areas as well as those corporate clients who aren't situated in the mainstream business areas.

As standard on this network, our base stations have redundant power supplies, power backup and additional spare cables and equipment to ensure that any failure on the network are resolved in a minimum amount of time.

Why use DTG WiMAX Network?

DiscoveryTel Network has been operational since 1999 and has shown excellent reliability as well as the ability to deliver guaranteed services to clients. The attention to detail on the build to ensure uptime allows this network to deliver reliability and consistent connectivity to our clients.

The WiMAX Network is built to the highest international standards including power backup, clean power provision as well as redundant equipment. The WiMAX is fully integrated into DiscoveryTelnationwide network, allowing transparent service delivery to customers across all DTG infrastructure networks. DiscoveryTelworks closely with on continual development of the network as well as upgrades that allow us to help deliver more and better services to our clients.